Teach Your Child the Alphabet with Family Pictures!

Your child learns faster when letters are matched with items they already know.

child-abcIn 2001 I worked on a project for a major elementary school textbook publisher. The textbook would have software that would help the children learn basic math. We spent hundreds of hours working on integrating art work into the games. I was told that by creating interesting artwork, the children would become more interested in the game.

A few years after that, my wife gave birth to our son, Jacob. When he got to be a few years old, I recalled what I had been told about the artwork associated with the game we were programming. It seemed like common sense that if I used pictures of things my son already knew, and cared about, that I could create a simple game to help him with his ABC's.

That game ran on a pc. He enjoyed it, and I think it gave him a head start when he went into elementary school.

Your game runs on the web

With the advent of the tablet, and other hand held devices, the new version of MyAlphapics runs on a web server. This allows your son or daughter to play the game anywhere you can reach the internet.

How does it work?

When you order the product, you will receive a program that installs on any Windows based computer. The application allows you to manage the pictures and sounds that will create the basis for the online game. The program manages uploading all of these files to the appropriate directory on the myalphapics website. You can receive a link to the 'game' sent to your email, where you can bookmark the site for access any time.

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A Video from AOL and Dell - Teach Your Child the ABC's

This video from Mommycast shows the paper version of MyAlphaPics. Cutting and pasting, you create the physical version of MyAlphaLinks. I think you'll agree, creating the electronic version is a little easier, less messy, and creates something that's a bit more fun for your child. You can also modify MyAlphaLinks as your child grows (and learns!).

Your child can learn, anywhere you can connect to the internet!