Teach Your Child the Alphabet with Family Pictures!

Your child learns faster when letters are matched with items they already know.

MyAlphapics is targeted for children that show an interest in learning about numbers, letters, colors and shapes. The program addresses each of these areas. It's not tremendously complicated, but it does allow for the repetition that a child needs to learn these concepts. Below, each of the programs menu choices will be described, and the varying levels of difficulty within each area.


My Name

Your son or daughter may have little or no familiarity with the concept of letters. However, their name has been spoken to them since birth. It has a familiar sound. The basic premise of MyAlphapics is that learning is made easier when we associate what is known, with the concept the child is about to learn. With that in mind, we first begin introducing letters using your child's name. The very first screen shows the eight images of your child sliding into place, then your voice stating your child's name. Your child is shown his or her name, with your voice saying, "this is how your name is spelled." The first letter of your name is..., and the letter is shown large on the screen, with your voice saying the letter.


My ABC's

MyAlphapics allows you to link a family picture to a letter. It is in this part of the program that your child will be shown the image, and hear your voice say the letter, and the name of the item in the picture. You might say 'm', your child sees a picture of mom, and then hears the word 'mom'.

My 1-2-3's

At the easiest level, your child will learn to count to three, using the images he or she is familiar with. The picture will slide out, the number of the item will be heard (in your voice), and the number will be shown on screen. As your child masters the early numbers, you can increase the difficulty, and the program will help your child learn the numbers up to ten.

My Colors

Using your recorded voice, we introduce basic colors to your son or daughter.

My Shapes

MyAlphapics let's you record your voice saying simple shapes, which we then play back for your child, showing them the appropriate shape.

A Video from AOL and Dell - Teach Your Child the ABC's

This video from Mommycast shows the paper version of MyAlphaPics. Cutting and pasting, you create the physical version of MyAlphaLinks. I think you'll agree, creating the electronic version is a little easier, less messy, and creates something that's a bit more fun for your child. You can also modify MyAlphaLinks as your child grows (and learns!).

Your child can learn, anywhere you can connect to the internet!